Nyger’s Journeys

Nyger's Lenten Journey
Nyger’s Lenten Journey, Published December 2016
Nyger's Advent Journey
Nyger’s Advent Journey, published July, 2014



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Pat Durham




Are you looking to start a conversation with your young children about the important lessons of Jesus?  What if it were as simple as reading them a story about Nyger, a field rat, and his friends, human, animal and divine?

Author Pat Durham’s books, Nyger’s Lenten Journey and Nyger’s Advent Journey, will help you talk to your children about Jesus, while offering traditions and activities that take you on a journey with Nyger and his friends.

Each book is easy to understand, and children as young as three can begin to grasp the deeper meaning of Lent and Easter, Advent and Christmas.

The bible passages sprinkled throughout each book offer more lessons for older children to reflect upon, and adults love the overall messages of sacrifice, love, faith and hope.

If you want a new way to teach your children lessons about Jesus, or if you’re looking for a special gift for a child to teach them important lessons, these books are ideal to use during family time or to give as a gift at Easter, Christmas or anytime.

Buy the books direct from Pat (Special sale now through Christmas!) or order on Amazon.com today!

What people are saying about the books:

  • “I loved the little nuggets of God’s Truth tucked into each page. It was a wonderful family activity to sit down each day and read this!”
  • “Not ‘churchy’, it just tells a sweet story about The Story! Delightful!”
  • “Nyger’s Lenten Journey is a lovely book and appropriate for the Lenten season.”

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