A Tiny House with Large Christmas Traditions

Christmas Eve has always been a magical time for me. The anticipation of the Children’s Christmas Eve Church Service; Santa coming to Aunt Millie and Uncle Willie’s house; and the special meal that was shared by our families. More than a dozen family members gathered in a house not much larger than my den.

Aunt Millie was my god-mother and she always remembered me with my favorite foods on Christmas Eve. The menu would include fresh pork sausage from the family smokehouse, fried potatoes with onions, canned peaches from her pantry with lime jello and fresh whipped cream. And, to finish the meal in grand Christmas style, homemade apple pie, coffee cake and Aunt Millie’s famous teacakes * dipped in cold milk.

The cedar Christmas tree, harvested from the pasture, was meticulously decorated by one of my cousins. Each icicle was strategically hung. Perfection! Because older cousins were working in Houston, there were presents under the tree for the younger ones. I knew there would be something for me. Aunt Millie would remember me with a pair of socks or a pretty handkerchief. Perhaps someone would give me a blouse. Anything that came from a department store was special.

Carefully unwrapping the gift was part of the tradition. The gift would be re-wrapped and put under our own Christmas tree to be enjoyed until Epiphany.

*Teacake recipe can be had at http://www.nygersjourneys.com/recipes

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