The Tornado’s Destruction

February 28, 2017

I held tightly to my mama’s hand. The closer we got to the Dahnmann’s house, the scarier it got. A huge centuries-old oak tree had been uprooted and had smashed into the front of their home. We could not see the extent of the damage until we were right beside the house. The tree had hit the front porch but had miraculously missed the rest of the house! Barns and other building did not fare so well. The ducks, geese and chickens were in a state of shock. They remained right where they had been when the storm had ripped…

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Missing in Action

February 21, 2017

We were thankful our home had been spared from serious damage from the tornado. The barn could be rebuilt, and the smokehouse, which housed our cured meats and canned fruits and vegetables, was untouched by the storm. In all the excitement, one very important building had been overlooked. Now that things had calmed down some, my mama realized the “outhouse” was missing! This was serious business! With our neighbors’ emergency, looking for the outhouse would have to wait. Next week I will share with you the whereabouts of the “outhouse” and a detailed account of the Dahnmann’s farm.   P.S.…

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The Corral is Here, but Where’s the Barn?

February 14, 2017

Tornadoes do strange things. After the tornado had passed, Mama went to milk Ole Jersey. She gave me my instructions as I outlined in my last blog post. When she rounded the corner of the house, she was in for a real surprise:  The cow, calf and corral were right where they had been, but the barn had been picked up and moved to a new location.  It was quite a sight. The fence of the corral was in place but wasn’t connected to anything. The manger, along with the nests for the hens to lay their eggs, went with…

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After the Storm

February 7, 2017

My mama was a no nonsense lady. We had just experienced a tornado but life had to go on. Our faithful cow, Jersey, was waiting to be milked and mama was going to do just that. But, before she did, I received my instructions. I was to stay IN the house and stay OUT of trouble. Debris from twisted and broken trees were strewn everywhere. Strange objects were deposited in our yard while items that had been on our porch or in our yard were gone. In the meantime, we had no word from daddy or my brother as to…

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