Morning in Brockum

May 23, 2017

Allene started to stir. She smelled something wonderful coming from the kitchen. It had a familiar aroma. She had smelled this deliciousness before. Just about that time, her Papa, Pastor Myer, came into the room. He had the biggest smile on his face. She couldn’t remember her Papa smiling like that. Well, not since Mama had died. He scooped her up in his arms and started down the stairs to the kitchen. There was Aunt Annie with her apron on and her sleeves rolled up. She had white hair that was in a bun at the nap of her neck.…

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Nocturnal Adventures

May 16, 2017

While Allene was fast asleep in her warm and cozy bed all covered up with a huge goose down comforter, Nyger and Patrice went out to the Myer’s barn to visit with the animals. The snow was falling softly and gently on the land, trees and houses of the little village of Brockum. The harvest was long past and the fields were all nicely plowed and ready for the spring planting. In the meantime, all of nature was resting. This was the first time that either Nyger or Patrice had seen snow. The snowflakes fell on Patrice’s nose and eyelashes.…

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The Stowaway

May 2, 2017

              Nyger, The Stowaway It was a cold winters day when the ship docked at the harbor. Nyger, and his friend, Patrice, had stowed away In Pastor Myer’s suitcase. It had been a long journey and they were very hungry. They scurried about trying not to get stepped on by any of the passengers aboard the ship. You see, dear readers, Nyger is a farm rat from Texas and Patrice is a rescued circus rat. They live in a little white clapboard church on a hill in Texas. They have become good friends with…

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