Born Out of Time/My Accidental Life

World War II was raging. Young men and women from all over America were serving on the European and Pacific Fronts. One young man received a letter telling him a couple from a neighboring farm had a new baby girl. Since they hadn’t had a child in almost ten years and they were beyond the usual childbearing years, he answered his Mother’s letter with a request for a photo of this little one. A snapshot was taken and mailed to him. When he received the photo of the curly headed blond baby, he promptly put the photo in the left pocket of his shirt. He was a bombardier and together they flew bombing missions across the European Theatre.

The war ended and he returned home safely. Upon his arrival, he returned the photo to my Mother. It remains in my office to this day. Every time I look at the baby girl in that picture, I think of a brave young man whose life was interrupted to help liberate the world from tyranny. He returned to an ordinary life. He married the love of his life, became a father and never spoke of the sacrifice he made. He and I always had a special bond. Maybe that’s because he carried a black and white photo of a chubby curly haired child, me, so close to his heart during a time in history that has no equal.

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