December 26, Second Christmas Day

Who had ten brothers and sisters and twenty-five nieces and nephews? My mother did. Second Christmas Day was a tradition in our community that was brought over from the “Old Country”, Germany. It was a special day to spend with our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Each family brought something delicious to eat. The adults caught up with all the family gossip and the young cousins played with each other and renewed that special bond that only cousins have.

Christmas Eve was for worship services and gift giving. Christmas Day was for morning church service and a day spent with individual family members. Second Christmas Day served that wonderful purpose of keeping in touch and reuniting extended family members.

I don’t remember any gifts being exchanged. It was a day to celebrate the people in our lives and remember that God in His infinite wisdom placed His only begotten Son in a family. May each of us continue to celebrate this incredible Gift and remember to cherish our families.

Wishing you Hope, Love, Joy and Peace!

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