Morning in Brockum

Allene started to stir. She smelled something wonderful coming from the kitchen. It had a familiar aroma. She had smelled this deliciousness before. Just about that time, her Papa, Pastor Myer, came into the room. He had the biggest smile on his face. She couldn’t remember her Papa smiling like that. Well, not since Mama had died. He scooped her up in his arms and started down the stairs to the kitchen. There was Aunt Annie with her apron on and her sleeves rolled up. She had white hair that was in a bun at the nap of her neck. She was a little plump. Not too plump. Just right. Pastor Myer sat Allene gently on the chair and pushed the chair up to the table. Aunt Annie gave Allene a hug and kissed her on the cheek.

On the table before her, Allene saw what was making the wonderful aroma. It was coffee cake! Just like her Mama used to make. There was a glass of milk to accompany the coffee cake as well as delicious German sausages. Aunt Annie encouraged Allene to eat all of her breakfast. It was going to be an exciting day visiting all the relatives here is Brockum.

After Allene had eaten, Aunt Annie helped her get dressed for the day. It was cold outside and it was important that she was dressed for the snow that had fallen during the night.

In Allene’s excitement, she had forgotten about her little friends, Nyger and Patrice. She began to be concerned about them. Well, they had already been busy with their own activities for the day.

Tomorrow we will hear all about Nyger’s and Patrice’s adventures.

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