No Bull!!!!

What motivates a 6-year-old to do what a 6-year-old does? It must seem like a good idea to them at the time. Here is my true story as a 6-year-old.

It was a sunny spring day in bluebonnet country. The bees were busily pollinating, the butterflies were floating from flower to flower and the mockingbirds were singing their songs. Life was good.

School had been dismissed and I decided to visit Aunt Millie instead of getting on the school bus and going home.

I had to cross two pastures and navigate a road to get to Aunt Millie’s. A disagreeable Brahma bull lived and ruled the first pasture.

I crawled through the barbed wire fence with my lunch box and headed to my destination. Everything was going quite well until I saw him!!! He was not happy. As a country girl I knew in this kind of situation, you did one of two things: play dead or if you think you can out run the bull, run. I did the latter.

I dove under the fence still clutching my lunch box. When my knees stopped shaking and I could breathe again, I crossed the road and continued over the cattle guard into the next pasture. No bull here!

I arrived safely at Aunt Millie’s house. Was she ever surprised!

I don’t remember my father’s conversation with me as we drove home. I can tell you this was my one and only after school unannounced visit with my Aunt Millie.

The teacakes, cold milk, and a warm hug from Aunt Millie made it all worthwhile.

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