Nocturnal Adventures

Nocturnal Adventures of Nyger and FriendsWhile Allene was fast asleep in her warm and cozy bed all covered up with a huge goose down comforter, Nyger and Patrice went out to the Myer’s barn to visit with the animals. The snow was falling softly and gently on the land, trees and houses of the little village of Brockum. The harvest was long past and the fields were all nicely plowed and ready for the spring planting. In the meantime, all of nature was resting.

This was the first time that either Nyger or Patrice had seen snow. The snowflakes fell on Patrice’s nose and eyelashes. She giggled as they tickled her. On the way to the barn, she and Nyger played in the snow. What fun! But it was time to go inside where it was warm. They wiggled their way through a crack under the door into the barn. Immediately they smelled the familiar smells. The fresh hay coupled with the cows, horses and sheep reminded them of home.

Suddenly, a low base voice said, “Who are you?” It was the big plow horse, Gustaf. Nyger and Patrice jumped with fright and hid under a pile of hay. “I didn’t mean to frighten you”, said Gustaf. Nyger and Patrice cautiously poked their heads out of the hay to see a huge black horse much larger than Dobbin, Pastor Myer’s horse back at home.

That’s all I can tell you at the moment. I promise you will be surprised at what happens next!

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