Nyger's Advent Redo Cover

Nyger's Advent Journey

Author Pat Durham loves Christmas, and Advent has always been a magical season for her. Nyger's Advent Journey was written when she realized that many children and adults, don't understand the difference between Christmas and Advent.

Her inspirational and entertaining devotional book provides daily, 15-minute story lessons, from Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Eve. It follows the adventures taking place in and around a little white clapboard country church on a hill.

Nyger, a brown field rat with a bald head and round cheeks, escorts the reader through each story and lesson. He frees a white circus rat, he meets a bat (who has lost her radar) and when they discover a Labrador retriever, who is hurt, they come together to nurse him back to health.


Through the journey, the animals learn to depend on each other and on their Creator God. Christmas week, they uncover a larger purpose for their lives, which extends beyond their little church.


Though written for children, Nyger's Advent Journey is sure to add meaning and inspiration to the Advent season for the whole family.