Nyger's Lenten Journey

Nyger's Lenten Journey is an inspirational and entertaining Lenten Children's Devotional Book. It begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Resurrection (Easter) Sunday.


Nyger, the main character, is a big brown field rat. He has a square face with jaws that look like he is storing up nuts for the winter. His little head is bald on top because he was caught in a grass fire. He takes refuge in the small clapboard church on the hill. Patrice, a white circus rat who has spent her entire life in a cage until Nyger frees her, joins Nyger. Beulah, the bat, has lost her radar and can no longer hunt at night for nectar. Hunter the big Labrador, had an accident and was nursed back to health by Nyger and Patrice.


All the action takes place around the turn of the twentieth century in a small white clapboard church that sets on the hill in the country.


Within the context of the devotional, simple lessons are taught that a young child can understand. The older children can grasp deeper lessons and the adults will comprehend more complex lessons. This book targets children ages three years through the second grade.

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