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Pat is a vocalist and choral director presently serving and assisting with the Ministry of Music at her church.  In addition to music, Pat has served in ministry to youth.  This included a puppet ministry, clown ministry, chancel dramas, art and music.

Pat and her husband live in Houston, Texas. They are the proud parents of two and grandparents of five. They are enthusiastic workers in The Kingdom.

As a coach, Pat shares the tools and information to help business men and women meet the challenges in today's global competitive market.  If you are interested in more about this, be sure to visit Pat's other website:

Pat is available to speak for your group or school, contact her at or 713-443-5710.

Meet the Author, Pat Durham

Pat Durham, Author, Speaker and Coach, has been in business over 24 years. She has been a presenter at workshops, conferences, seminars and as a keynote speaker.

Throughout her life Pat has loved books.  Since the age of ten, Pat has been winning awards for essay writing and extemporaneous speaking.  She created and implemented The Events of Advent for her church.  More recently, she has written devotional materials and Bible Studies for the Women’s Ministries at her church.

Pat’s first book, Nyger’s Advent Journey, was published in July 2014.  Her second book, Nyger’s Lenten Journey, was released in January 2017.

She continues to write about her life through stories posted on the blog:  "My Accidental Life."

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