The Stowaway








Nyger, The Stowaway

It was a cold winters day when the ship docked at the harbor. Nyger, and his friend, Patrice, had stowed away In Pastor Myer’s suitcase. It had been a long journey and they were very hungry. They scurried about trying not to get stepped on by any of the passengers aboard the ship. You see, dear readers, Nyger is a farm rat from Texas and Patrice is a rescued circus rat. They live in a little white clapboard church on a hill in Texas. They have become good friends with Allene, Pastor Myer’s daughter.

Pastor Myer and Allene have sailed from Galveston, Texas to Germany to visit relatives in Brockum.

Allene and her papa walked across the street to a little cafe to have lunch. The two stowaways stay close to Allene.

While her father is not looking, she reaches down and picks up her cold hungry friends and puts them in her coat pocket. The waitress brings two hot bowls of soup with fresh bread and butter. She brings two cups of steaming hot tea, also. Allene breaks off some nicely buttered bread and puts the bread in her pocket for her two hungry friends. The lunch was just what they needed.

Pastor Myer’s brother, Fritz, comes to pick them up and take them to the Myer’s home in Brockum. As soon as the carriage starts to move, Allene falls fast asleep and so does Patrice and Nyger. When they arrived at the Myer’s house, Pastor Myer picks up his sleeping child and carries her gently into the warm and loving embrace of his sister Annie. After Allene is tucked in, the adults talk long into the night. It had been years since they had seen each

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