The Tornado’s Destruction

I held tightly to my mama’s hand. The closer we got to the Dahnmann’s house, the scarier it got. A huge centuries-old oak tree had been uprooted and had smashed into the front of their home. We could not see the extent of the damage until we were right beside the house.

The tree had hit the front porch but had miraculously missed the rest of the house!

Barns and other building did not fare so well. The ducks, geese and chickens were in a state of shock. They remained right where they had been when the storm had ripped their shelter from them. The cows and horses were wandering aimlessly. Nothing was keeping them from going out into the pasture. They stayed in the perimeter of what had been the corral.

There were at least a dozen oak trees that were uprooted. These trees were hundreds of years old but were no match for the power of the tornado that had paid us a visit that morning.

God had been good to us and to our neighbors and we were thankful. The damage was repairable. No lives, human or animal had been lost and no one had been injured

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